School Readiness

At the Pines Academy we strongly support children in becoming ready for big school. Each preschool program has an in depth school readiness program that includes linking in with local schools and engaging in joint ‘transition to school’ programs. This ensures the preschool program is specifically catered to the needs of the local community. Elements you may see with our school readiness program include (but are not limited to):

  • Transition to school programs with local schools
  • Additional academic support for children at home
  • Parent participation for those families who want to be involved in all aspects of their child’s journey
  • Specific academic skills required for kindergarten (counting 1:1 correspondence to 10, colours, shapes, name recognition etc)
  • Name writing folders
  • Scientific experiments lead by the children
  • Fine motor practice (opening/closing lunchbox, packaging, holding a pencil/scissors correctly etc)
  • Spontaneous and intentional groups that further lead to lengthy projects – largely catering to the children’s continued interest in a topic.

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