Educational Program

At the Pines Academy our educators develop educational programs for each room. Information is gathered from children’s interests, family input, community events, Early Years Learning Framework and bundled together to support each child’s learning and development.

Each program will be specific to individual interests and abilities of the children attending the room. There will be child-initiated, teacher initiated and spontaneous experiences daily. There will be project walls and living documents to support those projects as this allows children to constantly revisit their interests in their own time. It allows children to begin to think critically about their play and developed sustained thinking for continuity of learning.

Our programs are largely based on Early Years Learning Framework and encompass play based learning outcomes. This means our educators create small learning spaces for children to explore and engage in play with. Children of all ages use play to explore and make sense of their world. Play based learning encourages children to develop social, language, emotional, physical and creative skills which are essential for later on in life.

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